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Made to out perform all others
My first bear.
This male weighed
250# and has a
large white triangle
on his chest.
I was especially
pleased because it
was my first
attempt at bear
It also was my first
attempt at

If I can win a
championship you
can too.

World famous peep sights and bow presses. Made in the USA and
shipped world wide.

" I have shot 3 elk using a size #2 NiteHawk Peep sight. Here's pics
of the most recent 2 below... (1) my 5x6 from 2008, and (2) my 6x7
from 2009.
It surprises me that may archers can be so aware that if their peeps
slide up or down the string, it makes them shoot high or low. Many
archers mark their strings with white-out where the peep is, so they'll
know if their peeps have ever moved. Good idea...right? But when
you mention the large variability of their big round holed peep sights,
they get defensive very quickly...
I don't care...I don't need to prove it to anyone else...I have all the
real proof I need.
I simply want you to know that NiteHawk peep sights have
significantly improved my accuracy at 3-D shoots and bow-hunting. I
go to at least 4-5 shoots per year."

Thanks NiteHawk Archery!
Sean Wood
Philomath, OR 97370
Our Bow Press is unlike any other
bow press. It uses an entirely
different means of pressing bows. It's
simple, quick, and presses all bow
without the use of adapters. Great for
tuning and maintaining any compound
bow and crossbows. As John
Marques wrote," Great idea with the
press, very portable, safe, and
convenient. Would definitely
Our forward thinking products have helped thousands of
bowhunters gain confidence and pride in their shooting ability. We
commonly receive comments from archers like Sean above and J.
Van Graan, "So far my accuracy has improved with leaps and
bounds." and Mel Orahood, "I got my #4 peep and aligner today.
Installed it per your instructions and just came back from shooting
for the 1st time. All I can say is WOW!! I broke 2 nocks off my first
six shots at 20 yards. Grouped arrows 3" at 30 yards. Not sure
what it is about the peep but it sure works for me."

It will work for you too.
This is our thirteenth year in business and we are pleased to
know there are thousands of archers who have stories like

We guaranty our products will out perform all others

Our name is spelled Nite Hawk to separate us from
Nighthawk & Night Hawk

Bow press